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Exotic Hunt Pricing

Raymondville Hunts

Nilgai Hunts - $1,350

Hunting on ranches located north of Raymondville, 7000 acres, hunting will consist of spot and stalk and some driving.  No small calibers allowed, any blood is considered a kill.

2 Days, Meals and Lodging, Guides  (lodging is located at Port Mansfield)

$1500.00 Trophy fee for bull

$700.00 Trophy fee for cow


Three Rivers Hunts

Hunting is on ranch in Three Rivers and consists of spot and stalk and some driving. Daily Fee of $350 which covers Lodging, Meals, 1x1 Guide Fees


Trophy Fees:

Axis - Up to 30" 2950 anything over 30" $3950

Blackbuck - Up to 20" $2500.00 and over 20" $3400.00

Broken horn axis or black buck $600.00

Axis does $500.00

Black buck does $250.00

Price includes guide, land fee, and processing preparation

Price on request for all other exotics





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